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Some of my clients testimonials sharing their experience in 360 Coaching.

360 coaching, coaching, fitness, mustafasadree, testimonialsI started training with Mustafa Sadree on November 1st 2015. I had been doing strength training on a
regular basis since April 2014, next to my work as a group class instructor, but it seemed impossible for me to build more muscle and get leaner at the same time. I was living a pretty healthy life, but I was too occupied with food and needed someone to guide me. In Mustafa I found an intelligent and inspiring coach who was willing to listen to my alternative ideas: I wanted a vegetarian diet, and to stay flexible and athletic during my strength training. Online coaching might sound distant, but Mustafa is always available to answer questions and to offer alternatives when you need them. After only 3 months on the Blood Type diet, I feel fitter and stronger, my stomach is more at ease and I am building muscle while getting leaner than ever. However, the most important thing for me is that I have found peace in my life – finally!

Melinda – 25 years – Group class instructor – Master student Clinical and Health Psychology


nathalie, testimonialsMy name is Nathalie and I am one of Mustafa’s competition athletes. Mustafa introduced me to the
Blood Type diet when I reached out for help because my old diet didn’t bring me the results I wanted. After starting the diet, I saw almost immediate results. After a week, I also started to feel much more energetic. My body started to work like it suppose to: I finally started to sleep well during the night, my bowel movement and digestion improved and I was able to handle daily stress in a better way. 

Mustafa has a lot of empathy ánd experience so he can estimate how you feel during the day or even during the week and support you when you’re having a rough time.
In some way, he’s a though coach. But he knows exactly whén to be though. He’s doing it for a greater purpose: your results. And if you do exactly as he says, the results will show!

Nathalie – 30 years – https://nathaliedielemanblog.wordpress.com

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