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AboutMy name is Mustafa Sadree, I’m 27 years old and born in Kabul Afghanistan.

About 10 years ago I decided to start working out. I was very tender and at 180cm I weighed around 61kg. After years of trial & error training, reading in the magazines to studying on the University of Amsterdam (which i didn’t finished because of boredom) and reading a lot of scientific researches, I can say that I have enough knowledge regarding physiology, kinesiology and nutrition.

The next step for me was to show my knowledge and take it a step further. Yes, that is a bodybuilding contest. Every since my first contest back in 2012 where I placed 3rd in my category, I was hooked. In 2014 I participated in the same contest and won my class with 20 athletes as a line up.

I have a very wide base of clients which I coach online. From business man, to housewife and contest athletes. You name them and I coach ‘em. They all book results because of the dedication and discipline they have.

The knowledge is pure and No Nonsense. It works for a lot of people and I don’t like to sit and bullshit around with people who haven’t read and done anything for themselves. My approach is scientifically proven and works!

Ever since a young boy our parents moved to the Netherlands were I lived till December 2015.


In januari 2016 I decided that life wasn’t ment to be for us in the Netherlands and started a whole new chapter andThe Family moved to the Dominican Republic because I liked the easy and relaxed lifestyle. I live here with my wife Chantal, two pitbulls Buddha and Shiva and a main coone named Tiger. They are the sweetest pets and my dearest friends.

I’d also like to keep you updated on my journey in the Dominican Republic and how I find my way as a bodybuilder in a third world country.

So hang around a bit and see the articles and all the upcoming awesome stuff in which I explain it all to you.

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