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I have a 360 coaching approach which will get you fit and turn your bad lifestyle habits into one that will make you live healthier, feel better and live longer. You will feel better, sleep better, have more energy and better focus on completing tasks every day within short amount of time. Besides that, you will reach your goals in a happy state of mind.

A lot of my clients, men and women, including me, have had cravings for sugar or salty foods for a long time. According to studies, your body has a deficiency in some vitamins, minerals and traces. In some studies, women who crave chocolate in their PMS (premenstrual syndrome), have shown a deficiency in magnesium. Sounds familiar to you?

These kinds of signals are symptoms of your body, trying to tell you what’s wrong. There are many other kinds of symptoms like salt cravings etc.

With my approach, the Blood Type diet and 360 Coaching, your blood sugar will stabilize and cravings, along with many other misbalanced processes will go away within no time. You really don’t do anything crazy, just eat what’s right for your Blood Type.

So what can you expect from my nutrition and training plans?

(optional) I recommend you to do a blood test, which will give me a good image of your current health and misbalanced processes in your body. With the results of this blood test I can pinpoint exactly any deficiencies, faulty processes and a lot more! It tells me even why you have stubborn fat in some body parts. This blood test is often reimbursed by your health care.

In the meanwhile, you fill in a questionnaire which gives me a clear insight of who you are, what you eat, how your life looks and what your known food allergies are. All kinds of factors are taken into account before I create the optimal personal nutrition plan.

When the above requirements are taken care of, you’ll get the following:

  1. A personalized nutrition plan
  2. A personalized training plan
  3. Supplementary advice
  4. Check up once a week trough mail contact or video conference

Make sure to write down your questions beforehand, so that you won’t forget any when contacting me.

How long do people tend to use online coaching?

Well, that depends on the goal. Most of my clients stay with me for at least 6 months. Why? Because their goal changes as they progress. Besides that, my clients are happy to stay for a longer time. They like to be in touch, because I don’t only let them reach their goal, I also educate them about their lifestyle. A lot of information I give, is not searchable on the internet.

How long do you suggest your clients to make use of your services?

You don’t change a habit overnight and certainly not your lifestyle. In the first 2 weeks, your body’s going to detox from your old eating habits. This means at first, feeling worse like headache, dizziness and less energy. After a day or 2-3, you’ll have better focus, more energy, better quality sleep, most water retention in your body will be gone within couple of days. After 4 weeks from starting point, your body’s going to adapt to your changed eating habits. Another 4 weeks after that, people will notice your results and ask if you do anything different. In the final 4 weeks you will see the results in the mirror. Don’t forget that self reflection and the way we see ourselves in the mirror also plays a huge part of reaching your goals. You develop certain self awareness with my approach and learn to know your body better by the day.

That’s why I suggest you try out my healthy approach for a minimum of 3 months.

Isn’t there a quick fix?

NO! You will certainly lose weight (water and muscle) with every quick fix. But these changes aren’t supposed to stay there forever. After you stop with the quick fix, your body’s going to be stressed a lot. When you start eating normal again, you’ll get more weight than you had before.

Don’t hesitate and feel free to contact me for information and prices.

P.S. Some clients have shared their experience with my approach to changing lifestyle in the Testimonials section.

Mustafa Sadree

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